Thursday, August 1, 2013

1日 Fingertip works lead to Big discovery

 Today, the team of Alex, Ben, Robyn, Graeme and myself (Tyler) worked in the lab.   
The lab is actually an old, abandoned school, which has been utilized for cleaning, sorting and examining artifacts.  We have even dedicated a section of the gym for lectures, and presentations.  

  This was our second day in the lab and we spent most of our time cleaning and organizing artifacts.  Unfortunately, most of the material was from a wall collapse on site (A04 into A03).  On the bright side, although the material is out of context, there are a lot of great artifacts.  We were able to get our hands on large pieces of obsidian, a pig mandible, flakes of agate, and several other interesting artifacts that would normally not be in such a high concentration. 

  The floatation machine, which has been an ongoing choir to get operational, was finally fixed today thanks to Erin and Victoria`s hard work.

 We also had students from Yuho high school join us in the lab today.  This was their third and final day visiting the Hamanaka II site.  Although they were incredibly shy at first, it was great showing them the artifacts and having them engage and ask questions and in turn, begin to open up.  My team in the lab, and the entire crew at Hamanaka II are very grateful for their visit.

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